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Valuation Of Property
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• Leasehold Valuations :
On entering into a new lease agreement.
• Licensed Trade Valuations : Such as pubs, hotels and restaurants.
• Insurance Valuations : Calculate current property reinstatement sum.
• Development Appraisal : Provide gross development valuations, comment on costs.
• Asset Valuation : Provide valuation of all business assets, compliance with RICS Guidelines.
• Presale Valuation : This is a very limited inspection of the property designed to provide the client with an opinion of Open Market Value (OMV) only at the present time or at an alternative specified date. Although a qualified surveyor will carry out the inspection, it is not a survey. The report may suggest that prior to exposure for sale further investigation may be necessary.

Valuation instructions for "Acquisition" and/or "Bank Security" purposes account for the largest proportion of our Commercial work and the vast majority of institutional lenders accept our reports. You can be safe in the knowledge therefore that the report we provide will be suitable for your lender. Insurance Valuations: calculate current property reinstatement sum. Based on up to date building costs. Index linked. Avoid being under insured.

Building Survey
The Building Survey is considerably more expensive than any other type of report in recognition of the work involved. A Building Survey will not normally include a valuation, which should be requested at the time of instruction if required. On receipt of your instruction one of our Surveyors will contact you to agree terms and limitations. A BUILDING SURVEY are specifically tailored to suit the individual client and will be set out and agreed in written form between the client SMS prior to the survey being carried out. They will be fully binding and contractual in their effect and will include full details as to the degree of inspection to be undertaken, headings and sub headings of the report and the fee payable on completion which may be subject to additions should further costs be incurred. (E.g. cost of Drainage, Electrical, and Mining Reports etc).

RESIDENTIAL APARTMENTS / BUILDING SURVEY (formerly called a Full Structural Survey) provides a detailed and full picture of a residential property. It is tailored to the client's individual requirements. The report includes extensive technical information on construction and materials as well as details of the whole range of defects, major to minor. This type of survey is in fact rarely used in Pakistan, partly because of the speed at which house purchase normally takes place here. The owner of the property is unlikely to allow a building survey to be undertaken, as it does involve some limited disturbance to the building, unless there is a limited market for the property and a very strong interest has been expressed by a possible buyer.
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