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Continious Inspections Of General Cargos
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With a network of specialists and laboratories situated in key locations around the City, SMSPL verifies the compliance of contractual terms with regards to the goods traded. Our inspection services help shippers, traders, end-users and government bodies assess the quality, quantity and integrity of their products. We offers its services to all market segments: from grains, pulses, oilseeds and feedstuffs to liquid cargoes, sugar, fibres, fruit, coffee, fertilizers and more.

• Vessel Hatch & Hold inspection, Water tightness.
• Loading and Discharge supervision, Supervision of weighing.
• Tally control, and Tank gauging.
• Contractual Sampling, Samples Preparation & Sealing.
• Testing & Analysis, Laboratory management.
• Handling & Splitting of documents.
• Origination support / Upstream grading.
• Traceability / Identity preservation.
• Fumigation, Temperature control.
• Draught surveys..etc
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